Friday, April 10, 2015

Suburban bohemian

At last, the temperatures slowly get a little more acceptable and it was high time for another post!
I'm very busy with the everyday hassle of life. You know: working, being sick, spending too much time on the train, reading and trying to carry on in general. Adult life can fly by in a blink of an eye. Where were these 'new year' resolutions?! Seems ages ago.
Currently I'm living towards a very exciting trip at the end of this month, but more on that later on.

So, it's been pretty chilly lately and usually I'm at work when something resembling sun is out there, but I had some luck this past Easter weekend and decided to wear my new duster coat. It's been waiting to be worn ever since my birthday, as it was a present from a dear friend of mine who decided to pick something for me from my 'Wishlist' board on Pinterest. Well, you see, she's a genius, this board does have some purpose.

The coat is made of that perfect flowy, but not too thin fabric and can be worn both as a coat, or as in my case as a dress, if belted. I decided to get some color in that outfit with this colorful LV carré.
I'd be sporting this outfit, sans tights, at Coachella if I had the chance.

I love how long my hair is in these pictures, I actually cut it a bit shorter this week, as my ombre points became a bit too dry. No worries, though, the hair is still long.

Wearing: Zara coat, skirt, boots & sunglasses, Boohoo duster coat, Louis Vuitton silk carre, H&M ring.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Time for another outfit post, that's been lying around here for some time. After a few intense weeks I'm finally getting back to my senses. This year has already been short, but eventful and promises to keep being so. Last year was a steady work year, without trips or holidays. One of my main goals was to travel more this year, so in February me and the boyfriend made a small trip to Rotterdam. Mainly to visit the large Boijmans Van Beuningen arts museum. I've been there before on a high school trips a long time ago, but besides the brilliant permanent collection they have a lot of temporary expo's. Besides the museum we just hung out and explored the city center and it's many shops, we had great luck with the weather too.
Although we were there for just a day, it was a a nice getaway and I loved the city. I think the large cities of the Netherlands are much better than in Belgium, much cleaner and the roads are better everywhere and everything is so well organized and at least their cultural sector get's proper state funding.

Many great trips still await me this year, but more about that later.

Wearing: Zara coat, cashmere sweater & sunglasses, Topshop shorts, Janet&Janet boots, Chanel bag.


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