Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ultra casual

These pictures are proof of the borderline weather we're experiencing lately. 24°C is pretty much Summer here, and we've been hitting awfully close to this temperature lately, with some super cold days in between. Tomorrow is supposed to be another warmer day. I'm not complaining, but I think my body gets confused and as my hobby is getting sick during the Winter, this weather is a tad dangerous. At least I got to flaunt my new (and very first) Eleven Paris tee. I swayed again for the Mickey and Minnie Mouse, still a kid at heart I guess. The shirt was only 12 euros at Urban Outfitters, scooore!

Mickey is an icon to me, I've had a stuffed mouse I called 'Mickey' since I was three and it's still very dear to me. I also dream to go to Disneyland Paris from the early age. Living so close to it, it's still ridiculous I never got to go, but it's somehow expensive and wasn't a priority, especially when you have to pay for your studies. I hope I get to go in the near future, maybe next year?!
Oh, how I'm bearing my soul here :)

Wearing: Eleven Paris t-shirt, H&M jeans, c/o Nike Airmax sneakers, Zara sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Chanel bag.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review: Ushuaya Mechelen

You all know those mails from pr-agencies or company's, asking for a review of their product. Usually the reviews are mostly about the category in which you position yourself as a blogger. Recently, however, I got an interesting invitation in the mail box. I was invited to discover a restaurant called Ushuaya, during a dinner for two. I'm nowhere near a food blogger or critic, for that matter, but several aspects caught my attention.

Ushuaya is lounge-bar and restaurant located in the heart of Mechelen and opened it's doors in August. As the name may suggest, you can expect Asian cuisine, but that's not all! Ushuaya delivers fusion cuisine from around the world
I'm passing through Mechelen by train almost every day on my way to work, so I gladly made a detour, cause frankly, who can say 'no' to a free dinner? I can't! I love food and love discovering and making dishes from different parts of the world.
When we arrived, I was surprised by how large and well decorated the place is. Ushuaya is located in a beautiful house from early 1800, it even has a status of a protected monument. Inside you can find different areas: the grand eating area, a lounge bar and patio with the view onto the main cathedral. The decoration shows some hints of different cultures, but everything goes so well together, without being tacky. Restaurant has a half-open kitchen, which if always great thing for me, you can see with your own eyes if the kitchen is well-kept
Ushuaya also has a separate children's room with supervision where the kids can play, and a monitor to keep an eye on your kid, while you enjoy your romantic dinner.

The menu was pretty elaborate and I always have a hard time choosing. To get an overall idea of the dishes, we decided to get the chef's menu, as it had three main dishes. You get quite a lot of  food for only 32 euros (sans dessert). 

The menu consisted of:

- bread basket and olives
-wonton soup 
- shrimp in sweet and sour sauce as an appetizer
- tajine, ribs and chicken wraps and fried potatoes as the main dish

By the way, the dishes that you get in the menu are slightly different from time to time. So every time is a small surprise.
Another positive aspect about the menu, they had some nice dessert choices. I got sabayon and the bf got tiramisu. Both were delish!!

Off course you get to know a restaurant when you visit it several times, but it left a good impression on us, so I would definitely go to eat out there again! The menu had a lot to offer and the prices were more than okay! The place was quite when we arrived, but the patio was well packed when we left.

I was also quite surprised of how beautiful the center of Mechelen looks in the evening, it reminded me a bit of Bruges or Lier.
We definitely had a nice evening and left Usuaya stuffed and happy. 
I want to thank Dirk from Badass PR for the invitation!

If you want to discover what Ushuaya is all about yourself, here's where you have to be:

Steenweg 32, Mechelen


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